15 necklaces we are rooting for the men to flaunt!

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Styling men can be a hectic task. It may be risky, as well. One wrong shift on the fashion gear and boom drops the fashion police. With a variety of men’s jewellery coming to the forefront of a strong fashion game, here are 5 classic necklaces that are an epitome of mens jewellery culture. The ultimate flavor of masculinity embedded in this piece of metal, gold or diamond laced necklace is sure enough to have those heads turn. Contrary to popular beliefs, there have been a multitude of chains from centuries before, crafted only for men. Chains like the cable chains, Roll chains, Serpentine chains, Figaro chains, omega chains, snake chains, Foxtail chains, curb chains, Byzantine chains, rope chains, Venetian chains, box chains and many more are tailored chains for the men to flaunt with immense pride.

1.    14k solid Gold Rope Chains, sparkly jet yellow, for Men, from Fremada:

Sparkling with class and elegance of brightly polished gold, this chain is majestically colored in full-blown yellow. The strings of 14k gold never let perfection fade away. Beautifully textured, and dashing with or without a slinging pendant, it can be worn over a range of clothing to complement it. With a lobster clasp, it’s firm hold shall never let you down.

2. 14K Gold Men’s Chain, Solid Yellow in color with Diamond Cut:

The royalty of this men’s necklace can’t be put to question given it’s glazed look and 14k solid gold classic Italian Cuban link chain. Classy, elegant, and pricey, this chain is more of a status symbol for men these days. And blessed with a look that’s eyeball grabbing, it’s a trend that is gonna last long.

3. Handmade silver chains.

Handmade coated in classic matte silver, these silver chains have the perfect balance of masculinity and style that befits its wearer. With workmanship that’s beyond impressive, you’re sure gonna love rocking it up.

4. Black Leather Mens Chain embedded with Steel Peacock Horn Pendant:

The leather is classy and posh when it comes to styling. There’s something about this material and the crafted horn pendant that has a warrior look to its glistening self. A solitaire for today’s men who fight wars gently yet silently, this is the finest of craftsmanship that a man could possibly be gifted. The hornet is purely inspired by the grace of the peacock engraved in the horn-shaped pendant. or matching mens earrings . An ancient piece with a modern touch is everything you need from these men’s jewellery.

5. Men’s classic ball chain, stainless steel.

With a variable length of 24 inches to 30-inch, these stainless-steel metal chains or mens leather bracelets  are the classic sensations when it comes to everyday men’s necklaces. Whether you’re sporting a black tee look or the all bare swimming look, you’re surely gonna have those stares to the necklace that complement your natural v-neck.