Concealed Carry Laws in Florida and New York

Knowing or not knowing the legality of carrying a concealed gun in your state can be the difference between whether or not you get issued a jail sentence. To help you make sure that doesn’t happen, look below to find a simple explanation of the current concealed carry gun laws in Florida and New York.


You are allowed to conceal carry not just a gun, but other weapons such as tear gas guns, billie clubs, and knives so long as you carry a certain license or permit. This can either be a Florida Concealed Weapons License issued in Florida or a CCW permit from another state that has a reciprocity agreement with Florida. In order to gain a CWL in this state, you must be at least 21 years old and have taken a firearms training course. Also, you are not permitted to carry a weapon in bars. So it’s probably safe to wear concealment shirts if you so choose.

New York

A New York Pistol License (NYPL) is required in order for you to be able to carry a weapon within the boundaries of the state. The requirements for how you obtain this particular license vary from county to county, so it’s probably best to look further into what your specific county of residence requires. In general, you must at least be 21 years of age and a resident, or a part-time resident of the state. Some places such as courthouses and schools are off-limits for weapons. New York also doesn’t honor any licenses or permits from other states.

Another thing to consider is that gun laws can frequently change, so be sure to continuously check your local laws for any shifts. While this may seem like a rather annoying task, it’s much better than ending up on the wrong side of the law.