Drama Llama’s Magical Clear Magnetic Eyeliner

As the craze of magnetic lashes is dying down a bit, its new perfect partner-in-crime has now appeared to give this innovative technology a new life. Yes, we are talking about Clear Magnetic Eyeliner. Magnetic lash along with magnetic eyeliner gives an instant and immediate curated eye makeup look.

To get a perfect  baby lash look has become an easy task without fearing lash glue spoiling the eye makeup look with clear magnetic eyeliner. In this article, we’ll thoroughly discuss the properties and use of clear magnetic eyeliner.

What is Magnetic Eyeliner?

As the name indicates, it is an eyeliner that is magnetic. In these eyeliners, FDA-approved elements, iron oxides, a mineral deposit is added to add magnetic abilities. In addition, these eyeliners are made to give magnetic lashes support to adhere to.

Magnetic eyeliner gives a more natural and precise appearance with less wear and potential damage to your natural eyelashes.

How to apply magnetic lashes using magnetic eyeliner?

Applying a magnetic eyelash is an easy task when a magnetic eyeliner is used. Here is what you have to do.

1st Step: Line your eyes

In the first step, you have to line your upper lash line with magnetic eyeliner. It is the same as applying other liquid eyeliners, but to create a precise line, try to have feathered strokes. The line should be very close to your lash line as well as it should be thick enough to give a solid base to your lashes to adhere to. Before going to the next step, give your liner enough time to dry.

2nd Step: Apply lashes

Now is the time to apply your magnetic lashes. First, take your lashes and subtle blend them to give them the shape of your eye. Next, make sure the lash strip is as long as your eyelid, and if it is long, trim them. Now line your magnetic lash exactly onto the top of magnetic eyeliner and allow them to stick together. It will work like magic to instantly give you voluminous lashes.

How to remove magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner?

As you know now how to use magnetic eyeliner to apply magnetic eyelashes like a pro, it’s time to learn how to remove them. Again, the process is easy; just follow these steps.

1st Step: Remove lashes

Take out your magnetic lash slowly and gently away from the lash line to remove it from the outer corner.

2nd Step: Clean your lashes

There will be some traces of magical liner left behind. To remove them, use micellar water to remove the buildup of the liner from your lashes and clean them properly. Now store your lashes for safe-keeping.

3rd Step: Clean your eyelids

Like you will clean your magnetic eyelashes, use micellar water to remove any traces of eyeliner from your eyes until there is not a speck left there.


Alone magnetic eyelashes are of no use. However, the invention of magnetic eyeliner has given life to them, and now this duo is giving perfect false lash looks to eye makeup.