Fast and Easy Hairstyles for Any Gender

In today’s world, there are no longer rigid lines dividing hairstyles into those for women, and those for men. Instead, people are welcoming overlap and feeling free to explore whatever hairstyle they find appealing or that helps them to express themselves. With confining gender rules a thing of the past, women can sport a buzz cut and men can have their hair in a bun. Both men and women enjoy crew cuts and pompadours and can rock the lengthy locks without ridicule.

While, even twenty years ago, the idea of a hair bun looking manly on a guy would have caused some chuckles, today we can see that it is indeed a sexy, masculine look that evokes a medieval warrior appeal.

Likewise, a short haircut can either highlight feminine beauty or bring out the burly in either gender, depending on who wears it.

So what are some fast and easy hairstyles that can be worn by any gender? What are today’s super short haircuts that will have you grabbing for your best hair clippers, or the boss of a bun that will send you diving for that hair tie?

Some of today’s favorites are, indeed, able to be enjoyed by all.

Return of the Bowl Cut

Yes, like many things that caused cringing in the past, the bowl cut has made a retro return. While it might have been something that you were once teased about in school, the look that began when an enterprising mom decided to save ten bucks on a haircut by placing a bowl over a child’s head and pulling out her sewing shears, is now considered a cute, retro-hipster look.

Don’t worry, it has been tweaked a little with textured bangs to break up the roundness a bit. The ends can also be dip-dyed to update the old look. A side part with sweeping bangs is another cute modification of this classic cut.

The bowl cut is back, and now more than ever, it’s not gender-specific.

The High-Top Fade

This has long been a guy-favorite, but also looks great on women with slight modifications. Because women’s hairline and forehead shapes are different than men’s, the temples have to be clipped a little smaller, lower, and softer on a woman to soften the look.

The TWA (Teeny-Weeny Afro)

The afro has always been a great style for both men and women, and a TWA on natural-textured hair is incredibly easy to care for—and easy on the eyes! The sides can be trimmed to a taper for a new twist on an old favorite. For women, the TWA was once primarily worn to allow hair to recover from damage, but now it’s the go-to style of many women as well as men.

Tousled Waves

Large, rolling waves aren’t just for the beach anymore. They can be enjoyed on the head by both men and women with hair that’s short to mid-length. Large waves on the top of a short boyish cut look great on any gender, and ear-length waves in a tousled, messy look give a waifish, endearing appeal to anyone.

Proud Pompadour

While this was once a look for women with large, upswept updos, the one and only Elvis himself reassigned it to men. A pompadour sweeps the hair high off the forehead in the front and can be modernized with side fades or undercuts. These add height to the forehead and make a bold statement for any gender. Even those with long hair can do a pony-pompadour by back-combing the front and smoothing it up into a high wave before securing into a ponytail or bun.

Pixie Pride

Pixies are classic for a reason. Short in the back and sides, but with some length on top, the pixies is probably the most versatile short hairstyle and can be worn by any gender.

Play with your Pixie by tweaking it in different ways. The length on the top can be spiked, tip-dyed, streaked, slicked down with product, feathered and waved with a side-part, volumized, or cut asymmetrically. A platinum pixie is striking on any gender.

Never fear, for those who love long hair, many styles look great on any gender. There are some incredible buns for long hair that will have those with short haircuts running out for the best hair growth products they can find so they too can have long locks to play with.

The Semi-Bun

Gather about half of your hair from the top layer and twist it up into a bun at the top of your head. Use an elastic tie to make a ponytail and then twist it around into a bun and tuck the end under the elastic. This look can also be combined with a side-fade for any gender.

The Braid with a Fade

Another twist on the classic semi-bun is to braid the hair with many thin braids and then pull it up into a half-bun. With the sides then shaved into a fade, this provides an impressive warrior look that’s perfect for the tough of any gender.

Swirled Bun for Wavy Hair

Naturally wavy hair looks great when loosely pulled up into a messy topknot. Just make a high ponytail and loosely swirl the tail around. Tuck the ends under the elastic and then pull them out so several strands hang loose. Make sure that you leave this upsweep loose enough that your messy waves show from the underside. This works for any gender but looks fantastic when paired with a full beard.

The Low and Loose Bun

A great look for long, wavy or curly hair on any gender is to pull it loosely back from the face and secure at the nape of the neck with a hair tie. Then swirl the hair around and tuck the ends under the elastic. Secure with bobby pins if necessary. Combine this with a shaved fade at the temples for a new twist on an old look.

It’s a new era and no one has to stick to the old rules of long hair for women, and short hair for men. Instead, base your look on what best highlights your features and showcases who you are inside.

One of the easiest things to change about yourself is your hair, so have fun exploring many different looks with no rules!

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