How Does Dermaplaing Improve Your Skin

Dermaplaning is a popular esthetic treatment that salons include among their standard offerings. This popular treatment removes dead skin and peach fuzz to provide the following benefits.

Smoother Skin

Beauty schools everywhere offer dermaplaning classes to prepare students for this popular salon treatment that involves using a surgical scalpel to gently exfoliate and shave fine vellus hairs from the top layer of facial skin. The process leaves skin feeling smooth and soft.

Cleaner Skin

Dead skin cells and fine hairs can trap environmental dirt that lands on the face throughout the day. When this happens, facial pores can clog, resulting in dull-looking skin and acne. Estheticians who perform dermaplaning Long Island NY can efficiently clear away bacteria-promoting dirt and oil to prevent them from clogging the pores.

Better Makeup Application

The facial skin offers a blank canvas onto which makeup should ideally glide; however, invisible dead skin cells that remain on the face’s surface create uneven texture.  As a result, makeup that rests unevenly on the skin has an unattractive and artificial appearance.

Lighter Scars and Fewer Wrinkles

The exfoliation aspect of dermaplaning can lighten the scars resulting from collagen the body produces to repair damage from acne-producing bacteria deep within the skin layers. Removing a uniform layer of scar tissue on the face’s surface initiates a slight inflammatory response that triggers new collagen production. As a result, a new and smooth surface skin layer forms, replacing what the esthetician removes. A similar process fills in deep skin wrinkles.

Fast Results

Following dermaplaning treatment, clients will notice an immediate improvement to their skin’s texture and tone. Frequent treatments do not pose adverse risks, and most people can benefit from regular sessions.

Dermaplaning classes are a standard part of the curriculum at most beauty schools due to the benefits many clients can enjoy from the treatment.