How to Get the 90s Fashion Looks for the Modern Era

If the 1980s was the decade of glitz, glamour, excess and power dressing, the 90’s answered back with the opposite. The decade of hedonism and liberation showed a much more casual and relaxed attitude to fashion. It is now making a return to the catwalks and 90s influenced looks are everywhere today, such as this Superdry menswear  – here is a guide to some of them, and how to give them a modern twist…

Sportswear went mainstream in the 90’s – the sporting heroes were no longer just famous for their sporting abilities, but also for their fashion sense. Stars like Michael Jordan and David Beckham were admired by fans everywhere, and sportswear became something more than just what you wore to the gym. The 90s sports brands are making a return now as we see Fila and Kappa re-emerging on the high streets – for a modern take on the look, focus on one item rather than going for the head to toe sports ensemble.

The 90s was the decade when raves were all the rage – the hedonistic and neon filled parties were a hit with the youth of the era, and the rave looks are making a return to the mainstream fashion world – from bucket hats to tie dye. To create your own rave inspired look for this winter, team a splash of neon with darker colours for the more grown up and modern nod to rave culture.