How To Look Good in Photos When Wearing a Dress

When you’re wearing a dress, there’s nothing more distracting than when you don’t feel like your “best” self. Whether it’s because of unflattering colors, patterns, or cuts… almost everything can go wrong if you’re not careful. But, hopefully, these tips will come in handy when you’re having your photo taken.

1) Choose the right dress

When choosing between two dresses at a store, ask yourself which one would photograph better. For example, choose special occasion dresses if the situation calls for it, or choose a dress with one solid color.

2) Think about details

If you want to avoid looking like you’re wearing a potato sack, think about putting some fun details into your outfit. For example, a belt around the waist or a textured necklace would complement a simple dress without being too distracting or busy.

3) Be aware of the color

If possible, choose a solid-colored dress. It might be hard if you’re attending a special occasion, but for regular photos, it’s best to avoid busy patterns or too many colors in most cases.

4) Be conscious of the cut

Even though you should go with simple cuts, be careful that your clothes are flattering to your body type. For example, if you have wide hips or you’re wearing a dress for a special occasion, be sure the cut of your dress draws attention to your good features!

5) Pick accessories wisely

Your choice of accessories is possibly the most important decision you’ll make when looking for a dress. Don’t let your accessories overpower your look, but don’t let them be too simple either. Something unique and special is the best way to go.