Llama Eyelash Extensions And Their Application?

The frequently popular trend of llama eyelashes extension is creating huge impact in the beauty world. And to a large audience, it has various reasons for being so.

From the escape of mascara misadventures and false party eyelashes trouble to the magical transformation of the look, it has got the power to urge you to get these semi-permanent llama eyelash extensions fixed to your natural lashes. So most possibly, you might have considered acquiring eyelash extension on yourself for your eyes to appear bright and wide awake with the established adorable depth in them.

If you have ever done then knowing about the steps involved in applying eyelash extension to your lashes would be intriguing for you. Here is this article about How to use eyelash extensions. You can know about how your lash extension application looks like.

How are eyelash extensions applied?

Before you move further to get extensions on your lashes that enhance and lift your eye shape, be sure about the lash technician you go to. In comparison, the idea of applying for eyelash extension at home is already out of the question if you are not a pro because you may not be specifically trained to work on that sensitive area and would instead invite problems like lash damage or eye’s infection, etc.

Following is the step by step guide on how your lash professional will apply for eyelash extensions on you.

  • Evaluation

Prior to your appointment with the lash professional, he would inquire about your allergic or any such sensitive conditions to be aware of eyelash extension that may be unsuitable for you and practice extra cautions.

This way, he would find out the extension that would be your perfect match based on your specific conditions and save you from facing problems like irritation or infection afterward.

  • Lash Mapping.

Then the technician would perform lash mapping.

Skipping lash mapping or directly jumping on the application of extension won’t only fail at enhancing your natural lashes and eyes but would also affect them adversely as lash breakage, lash loss, or eye infection are the typical products of incorrect application and inappropriate selection of lash extension.

He would inspect your eye shape and lashes length, which will help him pick up the right lash style from the various eyelash extension styles.  This step is crucial because the eyelash extension for hooded eyes won’t effectively suit round or almond eyes.

  • Customizing lash extensions

At the third step, it would be your time to tell him about the look you have been long craving for. As he would ask you about your desired look, be it natural or more glamorous, he would customize the extensions to suit you perfectly.


You would choose the ideal extension length, volume effect, and curl strength for your lashes in the pursuit of your dreamt look. If you desire a more voluminous look, you can choose llama eyelashes. Your lash artist may use more than one type of extension length; the longer extensions adhere at the outer corners and the shorter ones at the eyes’ inner corners.