Nail Art Trends to Try with Llama Nails

When it comes to nail art, we don’t want to mess it up. Likewise, regularly being on the chase for the latest nail art, manicure trends, and how-to dos, we have also got a pretty exclusive amount of nail art stories for you. If you’re a beginner looking for a simple polka dots designs how-to or a professional who wants to recreate the looks from the runway on your tips, here is a nail art blog out there that’s ideal for you to try with llama nails. Whether it is an inspiration for your next manicure or a review of a new kind of nail polish texture, good nail art is a precious thing.

Whether you’re a one shade kind of person or favor a more intricate nail art design, these are the nail trends to keep for the next time you have a nail appointment or attempt to DIY from the comfort of your couch. The year 2020 was impressive for the beauty world as a whole, but it was mostly so for our nails. Even nail artists aren’t sure what to predict of the future. Still, we are confident about DIY nail trends that will remain every bit as popular.

1- Multi-colored nail design

People beautify their manicures by decorating each of their nails with a different color. This design is for those that want to make a bold style statement. And because this skill trend only requires knowing how to paint your nails, it’s the easiest way to draw attention to your nails.

Plus, there’s no end to the different potential practices on this trend.

2- Jelly Fantasy nail art

Achieving this look at home works best on a press-on nail if you want to ramp up your skills. If you don’t have a steady hand or the serenity, an acrylic nail is your next obvious choice.

Llama nails make full sets of transparent press-on nails in all sorts of shapes and sizes — you can add your hand lettering with nail polish and a fine-tipped brush. Otherwise, you can take the easy route with nail stickers.

3- Crystal nail design

This easy DIY manicure technique made a comeback in 2019 and only thrived more when we got caught at home in 2020. These will be substantial because of the easy application — they deliver a salon-quality nail art look.

4-Gold Swirls

This nail design shows a retro revival wave through manicures that give the nod to the ’60s and ’70s aesthetics, through rustic golden shades paired with pastel bright and graphic, swirly patterns therapeutic execute.

5-Green glow

Celebrities approach these colors for red carpets, cover looks, and everyday wear because they complete any look without a glaring statement. They are also colors that have a feel-good calming mood.


Give your wish an immediate boost with a joyful hit of brightness. Muted neutral colors never go out of style; however, this year, brighter, bolder shades will take the lead. Drama llama nails go with your style statement and can give you a radiant look you deserve. Drama llama knows your fascination with beauty, and we have a wide variety.