Remedies for Lash Care to keep them healthy during Lockdown

First of all, we at Drama llama hope you and your families are holding up well in these difficult times. With our routine life currently on a pause button, we know that Day-to-day beauty care has become a challenging task; People with llama eyelashes extension may have many questions about lash extension care during CoVid- 19? To make it a little easy, we have put together a few lash care tips to help you get through these phases.

a)        Do not try to remove them by yourself:

As your current eyelashes approach the end of their lifespan, you might be wondering what to do with them. But excluding them by yourself is not a good idea. The eyelash extensions are connected to your natural lashes by a permanent adhesive glue. Trying to remove them will make your natural lashes fall off with the wings. So avoid picking.

b)       Let them shed naturally.

You can do this process by applying castor oil to break down the glue and make them detach faster. However, this is not a fast process, so you will have to be patient while the extensions are shed naturally.

c)        Clean your lashes frequently:

A simple cleaning routine can help maintain your lash extension as any lash care regimen is incomplete without cleaning. It would help if you found a soft foaming cleanser for your lashes first. Next, lather them up and wash them. It is advisable to clean them every night. However, you can choose a suitable time.

d)       Care for your natural lashes too:

If you have eyelashes extensions, your natural lashes are likely to be damaged and weak. Apply a good lash serum to help them rejuvenate. The lash serum will provide the durability needed for the natural lashes to improve. Lash serums contain essential chemicals like peptides, vitamins, and antioxidants that strengthen and condition the eyelashes. These serums are pretty useful, and they show results in four to eight weeks of using them.

e)        Use keratin for your lashes:

Human body hair is 95% keratin (a protein that gives strength to the hair and resists stress and damage), so if you have extensions frequently, your lashes will weaken too. In this condition, use an eyelash lash conditioner that increases the amount of keratin available to replenish themselves. Even if your lashes are healthy, the keratin will aid in supplementing polypeptides in your lashes, making them even more robust and less prone to shedding off.

f)         These are some No’s for lash care:

Don’t use a usual eyelash curler on your extensions. Do not tint or perm them at least till the Lockdown ends. Avoid rubbing your eyes if you have wings and you haven’t had a refilling appointment recently because those gaps created by the shedding of the eyelashes won’t look good at all.

g)        Be careful while handling them:

Brush your llama eyelashes gently with mascara to groom them. You can even use an eyeshadow brush and a little comb for the same. Try to sleep on your back or side; avoid smashing your lashes completely as you sleep.