Spring is coming: what colors of hoodies are the best for this season?

Every new season brings a new color palette that should be matched to what you wear. In this way, you’ll be in perfect harmony with everything around you, and you’ll look fabulous. Spring especially is the season of new beginnings, so it is a great chance to renew your wardrobe and have a fresh start. A hoodie Supreme or something from other world-known brands is for sure a popular choice. Hoodies are part of the items that are a must-have for streetwear enthusiasts because they combine best the need for warmth, comfort, and style. With this in mind, it’s time to get your attention to what colors are best to wear this spring.


This is officially the color of spring, so it’s no surprise that green is included in this season’s collections. Green is renewal and vitality, and wearing it makes you in union with nature. There are various shades options that fit every personality, so from the classic green to lime, mint, or neon, there is a little bit for everybody. Try the Supreme x Lacoste Hoodie in green this spring and enjoy the feeling!


After a long time spent in isolation, all you need this spring is a clear sky. The blue color is simplicity itself and emanates peace and confidence at the same time. Blue inspires and will emphasize all your features, and the best part is that you can easily combine it with other colors for a special outfit. An Off-White hoodie in blue will easily have that effect while being the perfect thing to wear.


This color is bold and wild and you should wear it with confidence this spring. Red is vibrant and will place you in the spotlight, as you deserve. If you’re looking for a trendy item in this color, then the Louis Vuitton hoodie with the logo print is something you definitely need to get. Luckily, a replica version is more accessible, so it’s a small price to pay to look amazing!


Created from the combination of red and yellow, orange is a color to love. It has warmth and joy and it’s for people who like to have fun and display their personality. Orange encourages you to be yourself and adds spontaneity and positivity to your life. One model for your taste is the Astroworld Cactus Jack hoodie, designed in an orange that will set you apart in a crowd.


The color of sunshine surely gives us a wave of energy and optimism that we need, especially in these complicated times. Wearing yellow is a statement, it shows you’re motivated and ready for success. Show it with a Champion x Supreme hoodie in yellow, and you will have the strength and positivity to achieve anything you want!

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