Sure-fire Ways Women Can Rock Suits

Whoever said suits are only for men obviously hasn’t seen a lot of women rocking them. Made to measure suits are unisex, and they fit better than off-the-rack ones. You can ask a tailor to make a suit with your specific body measurements, so it fits you like a glove. A bespoke suit also feels more comfortable; you won’t feel any tugging, tightness or looseness in your suit because it is specifically tailored for you. Suits for women exude confidence and power. They are most appropriate in the workplace but can also be for other occasions. Here are some ways that women can rock suits.

Switch up the black suit jacket and white shirt combination

Instead, wear a white suit jacket with a black shirt. It looks just as formal but lends an air of modernity to the whole ensemble.

Match the lapel width with the tie width

Should you feel like wearing a tie, make sure its width matches with that of the lapel. It creates a more polished and appealing look.

Wear it in bold colours

Instead of the classic black suit – which you can wear on all occasions – wear it in a loud and bright colour like red or maroon. Pair the outfit with dark red lipstick and pulled back hair, and you are ready to go.

Go easy on your bag

When wearing a suit, a big bag will not look good with the outfit. Instead, bring a small clutch where you can put your essentials – phone, lipstick and powder. If you are going to work and need to bring lots of stuff, keep them in a bigger bag that you can keep in your car for the end of the workday so you can go straight to happy hour afterwards without lugging a big bag.

Slim pants go well with a boxed blazer

A boxed blazer with a pair of slim pants will create a nice silhouette. You will not look too boxy with this combination. On the other hand, straight cut trousers go well with a slim jacket.

Half-tuck your shirt

For a more casual and relaxed look, wear a loose shirt and half-tuck it in front. Pair cropped pants with sneakers. This look is appropriate for the weekends when you have to run errands or meet up with your friends over brunch.


If it’s cold outside and your suit won’t suffice to keep you warm, pull out a trench coat from your closet and drape it over your shoulders. This way, your suit sleeves will not wrinkle because you are not wearing your trench coat over the sleeves.

Wear stilettos

You can never go wrong with stilettos. Since suits look masculine, your shoes will define your femininity, and give you a look of utter confidence. A pair of classic black heels will go well with any colour of suit, so they’re a must-have. You can also wear some coloured shoes for a pop of colour with a dark or plain-coloured suit ensemble.