Tips on how to hire a mobile bar for your event

SJW Events & Bars welcome you to share some tips on hiring a mobile bar for your events. The mobile bar hire services of SJW Events & Bars are fully licensed and we have a complete variety of packages for private, public, or corporate events and other functions. SJW Events & Bars is a prestigious name of the mobile bar hire services industry in Sussex, Surrey, and Kent. The quality services, affordable price, amazing and friendly staff, and dedication to making your event more entertaining are the key factors of our success.

Before hiring a mobile bar for your event the things you need to consider are:

  • Vetting of the mobile bar companies is the first step. By checking their website, social media platform, comments and ratings given by clients it is easy to select a trustworthy and responsible mobile bar hire service.
  • Get every major and minor detail regarding their services, the number of staff, packages, extras, and pricing to get a clear cut idea to collaborate with them or not.
  • Top-notch mobile bar companies design endless tailored solutions to every theme. Choosing a once size fits all solution can be so risky so never allow some non-professionals to spoil the whole event.
  • It is important to know about all possible options and be clear about suitable options. Choose any of the following services according to your requirements and budget availability:
  • Full bar services
  • Select services
  • Pay bar
  • Subsidized bar
  • Dry bar
  • Always keep in mind the volume of your event and hire the bartender staff according to the size of your event.
  • Hire a licensed team of professionals who can manage your event by knowing exactly a guest has had enough to drink.