Why You Should Get Lash Extensions Before Your Next Vacation

Eyelash extension procedure. Beautiful Woman with long lashes in a beauty salon.

Lash extensions might seem like a luxury to most women but they’re more practical than many people realize. Lash extensions last for a week without any touch-ups or redos.  And, if you’re getting ready to head off on vacation, getting lash extensions is a smart thing to do because it will make your vacation a lot less stressful. Check out these benefits of getting lash extensions before your next vacation:

Look Great Traveling

A long trip can make anyone look tired and exhausted. Dry hot air in the airplane cabin, layovers, changing air pressure, poor sleep or no sleep, and other travel conditions can do a number on your skin and your face. But if you have lash extensions that make your eyes look wide awake and healthy, you’ll look great no matter what your trip throws at you. Keep a small bottle of rosewater in your purse to spritz your dry skin and your lashes to ensure your skin is refreshed and looking fabulous.

Go From Beach To Bar Effortlessly

Plans are usually fluid when you’re on vacation. You could spend the day at the beach and then go right to dinner and drinks. If you have lash extensions, you won’t have to take time to go back and put on makeup or carry makeup with you to the beach. Your lush lashes will make you look fantastic no matter where you’re going.

You’ll Look Fantastic in Vacation Photos

If you want to get those great vacation photos for social media without worrying about how you look, you can be confident that you’ll look great with long sweeping lashes in every photo. When you want to take a selfie or grab candid photos with friends, you don’t want to have to be the one person insisting on stopping to put on makeup that will look out of place at the beach. With lash extensions, you won’t need that mascara because your eyes will look beautiful with natural-looking long and lush lashes.

Swim, Sweat, and Enjoy Your Vacation Without Racoon Eyes

Summer vacations usually involve spending time in the hot sun while shopping, sightseeing, and spending time in the water or on the beach. If you wear regular mascara. any of those activities can give you some serious raccoon eyes when the mascara inevitably runs. Summer lashes can easily go from the water to the club while looking great the whole time. Lash extensions give you long lashes that look great without those ugly smudges and dark circles.

They Look Natural

Unless you’re a total pro at applying false lashes, they usually look fake. Even if you do have a lot of experience applying them, they can come loose easily or the glue can melt in the warm temperatures causing them to slide off your eyes. They almost always look fake and forced but lash extensions look totally natural. Natural-looking beauty that is easy to care for makes lash extensions a must for any summer vacation trips.

Selena’s Lash Studio Can Give You A Naturally Beautiful Look

Whether it’s or a summer vacation, a special event, or just because you want great-looking lashes that don’t require a lot of makeup and maintenance Selena’s experienced staff will make you look great. Stop by today and get your vacation started on the right foot.